New animation

2008-04-19 09:12:14 by AmyMation

Hey everyone, I got a new animation coming out. It's called The Fables. If this animation is more successful than my others then I thank my english book lol, I draw the characters all the time on my book, not knowing a name for them (Didnt think I'd use them as an animation lol). Stick around to see it! i would post a picture up of it BUT I want it as a suprise!


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2008-04-28 15:20:58

Trying to entrap me are you, that'll never work. I've seen How to Catch a Predator and I aint buying that milk... from those jugs... Too much cleavage for a little girl of 15. When I was fifteen girls were forced to wear clothes, terrible times indeed.

AmyMation responds:



2008-05-04 05:24:52

sicko. how was that related even 1% to the post lol? but yeah can't wait to see it! looks like its gonna be awesome!