Boxboy & Circle Dude new series

2008-05-30 17:25:46 by AmyMation

hey guys!
I'm currently making a new flash series called Boxboy & Circle Dude! There pretty cool characters. Boxboy is stupid and Circle Dude is the "Cool one"

if you want to find out more check out my website or blog


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2008-06-25 07:15:24

I really love them!!!, I have seen the first one and deffinately want to see the next one :D. don't let yourself down on what other people have to say about your flashes, and ignore zero bombers aswell. :)
can't wait till the next ^^, wohoo!! x).
óooh, and got an question.. could you review some of my music please? :)
that would be awesome. :D
~-unrealdark2-~ (the best is -=Beauty of sillence=-)
just to let u know :)