Brooks The Brave *New Game Coming Soon*

2008-07-12 01:36:12 by AmyMation

Hello NG Users!
I'm posting to let you all know I have a new game in the making, it's called "Brooks The Brave".
This game is a platformer/Adventure/RPG game lol! I've been wroking on it for a few days now and I have Level1 almost complete.

You are Brooks, One day you recieved a letter from the village wise man 'WinkleBerry Wood'.
In this letter you are told that your friend Alexei has been captured by the evil Lord Zorkford.
You have to complete the levels to get to him, while going through the levels defeat boss' and enemies. Also collect gold to buy health boosts.

I've attached a screenshot of the Level 1 boss :D

This game is still in the making! It will be out when i let you know lol!
if you have any questions or comments just ask here and I'll reply.

- Amy

Brooks The Brave *New Game Coming Soon*


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2008-07-16 14:45:28

cant wait for it to come out! :D


2008-07-24 12:45:16

Looks awsome =D i'll have to keep an eye out for it