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Asylum (ft.Fateful Revolution) Asylum (ft.Fateful Revolution)

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Freakin sweet!

I love the way it changed from slow and depressing to sort of happysih, like at the begining someone is depressed and towards the end of the song theat person is getting over it. wel lthats the impression i get. lol awesome work guys!

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winKoneR responds:

thank you for a review Amy ! in fact, this track is kinda sad, depressive story about insane man living in old, cold, creepy and mysterious Asylum... the Asylum has some kinda power over this man... the first half of a song is about the man... It's very melancholic part... he is looking trought the window from his room at the Asylum and thinking... about his life, his insanity, his memories... the classical intermission before the second part is the sound of the Asylum... it's going to his head and his mind and making a pure evil from him... then he become completely insane and starts to do things I don't want to talk about... creepy isn't it ?

March of the Sprites March of the Sprites

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Ha mario 2008!

Lol nice! It's like a modern mario song :)

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Crsttarocks responds:

haha i can see that, thanks for the review!!